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Wesfed Quality Animal Nutrition



Welcome to Wesfed

Our main focus is delivering high quality business to maximize production as well as profit for our clients.

Wesfed Feeds is a progressive company that understands and embraces the fact that not any two farms are the same. Therefore we constantly push ourselves to supply consistent and reliable service followed by a great value product. We understand that value is the equilibrium between quality and cost effectiveness and we focus on ensuring this to be one of our most valued trademarks.

We pride ourselves on producing a high percentage of our natural protein on site as this paves the way to generate more in-house additives. This is not just our vision, it is what we do.

Product Categories

Product Categories

Wesfeed sheep feed

Sheep Products

Get the full production and reproduction potential of your sheep herd.

Wesfed beef products

Beef Products

For farmers that want their beef herd to reach full potential.

Wesfed dairy products

Dairy Products

Proper calf nutrition ensures future success of replacement heifers.

Wesfed game products

Game Products

Products for the wilder side on your farm. 


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